Small batch Al6061 sheet metal case

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Colead offers a variety of capabilities in sheet metal such as bending, shearing, staking and stamping. Common operations for sheet metal parts include drilling, tapping, counterboring and countersinking. Our sheet metal parts are produced using laser cutting, water jet or chemical etching processes to form blanks from sheet metal stock. Blanks are then bent to shape using press brakes or quick custom tooling to form the final geometry.

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Sheet metal can be cut, bent, and stretched into nearly any shape. The size of sheet metal parts can range from a small washer or bracket to midsize enclosures for home appliances, to large airplane wings. These parts are found in a variety of industries, such as aircraft, automotive, construction, consumer products, HVAC, and furniture.

Quotes are generated  with STEP, IGES or most native CAD files.  Material thickness can range from 0.001" - 0.250".

sheet metal case3
sheet metal case4

Project Summary

Material low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum
Finishing lack painting
Process blanking - bending - plating
Tolerance ±0.05 mm

What's more?

The internal components of the medical devices are usually assembled by welding precision metal components. Under this structure, the medical devices have a certain weight and is firm. It is recommended to make the inner part of aluminum. 
1. The aluminum part has a small mass and density, but the load is large.
2. The finishing of the aluminum profile is anodized, elegant and corrosion-resistant. So only low maintenance cost is needed and easy for cleaning.
3. Aluminum profiles are generally non-conductive. Therefore, when the has a leakage accident, it can block the contact between the current and the item and reduce some sources of danger.
4. There are many specifications for industrial aluminum profiles, which can meet the needs of various industries. Personalized customization can be applied to their needs.
5. It is easy to assemble and disassemble industrial aluminum profiles, and it can also be used twice. Even if the does not use or update the product, it will not affect the use.

In addition to being used to makes, aluminum profiles can also be used to make aluminum profile frames, equipment hoods, work benches, cabinet cabinets, crafts, power boxes, etc.

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