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Manufacturing is very important, not just for the things it makes – but for the things it makes possible in the world. What engineers design and produce is what keeps us safe, healthy, and connected.

Manufacturing is also can be hard. It's filled with fragmented processes and complex supply chains. Sometimes, you just don't have the people, technology, or resources to keep up.

Wuxi Colead Technology Co., Ltd. started helping people make parts and products in 2008, our mission has always been to make custom parts more accessible for all our clients. We believe everyone deserves unique and innovative solutions for their manufacturing needs.

What Can We Do?

We produces parts expertly across a wide Variety of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing processes. Our high tech rapid prototyping and production facilities include CNC milling, 3D printing (SLA and SLS), vacuum casting (cast urethanes), sheet metal and rapid tooling and injection molding as well as traditional model making and a range of finishing techniques. We've got you covered, whether you need prototyping or volume production services.

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Why Colead?

Our group of technicians and engineers in the field of rapid prototype and CNC milling for more than 10 years. The professionals and innovators have full technical knowledges and good cooperation and communication ability; With scientific and careful working process and long term working experience, we can provide the best parts since we clearly understand customer’s product designing, developments and manufacturing requirements.

We focus on delivering impressive metal, plastic, and composite rapid parts. And there're two locations in China – Wuxi, Jiangsu and Dongguan, Guangdong. 

Wuxi, Jiangsu

Engineering and Project management & 3D Printing& Urethane Casting & CNC Machining Center.

Dongguan, Guangdong

Sheet metal & Rapid tooling & Injection Molding.

With our production capabilities, Colead has the capacity to manufacture on your demand!

Quality Systems

We regard quality as life, to ensure quality, set up 10 quality inspection procedures, quality inspection is divided into IPQC and FQA, the practitioner certificate is complete.


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