Stages of aerospace product development at Colead

Many successful companies are governed by a series of processes that not only help to maintain an established order, but also are also capable of creating the most durable and ideal products with a guaranteed long shelf life.

In the case of Colead, for each of its manufacturing options, there are certain stages that must be respected in order to present a final product, whether through CNC machining or 3D Printing, certain important steps must be fulfilled.

These processes are usually divided into certain stages, which are well-chosen, guarantee customers an effective and lasting solution for their ideas, and strengthen the communication between the customer and the company, finding a common ground to create the best products.

No doubt, these are characteristics that are appreciated in many fields, including the aerospace industry, which is constantly asking for help in creating certain customized parts that play a very specific role in a project.

So, if the aerospace industry were to ask for Colead’s help, what stages would the product have to go through?

Although the stages are quite specific with their objectives, this does not imply that it will take too long to develop parts, in fact, it ensures that in a short time you will be able to have the part you have requested.

Stages in the manufacturing of a product
No matter whether you have chosen 3D Printing or CNC machining, you will observe these manufacturing stages.

Prototype development
In this stage, you can observe an elaboration of certain designs, which are just in an initial stage, from this moment on you will start to add some details that will allow the optimal manufacturing of it.
It can also be observed that in this stage any manufacturing method will be chosen, it can be 3D Printing or CNC machining.

Engineering validation testing
Quick verification of the design is made, and how it will behave once it has started to be produced, managing to discern between the designs that are functional and how all its features could be improved.

Design validation testing
In this phase, several factors are taken into account such as the functionality of the parts, the strength, and also the way the finished design looks, all of this in relation to the fast manufacturing time and the results it yields.

Production validation testing
This is almost the final step, where not only the actual production capacity of the product at scale is involved, but also the whole paperwork issue is handled simultaneously.

For this final phase we can see how the factory will move from idea to action, by advancing to this stage you will soon have in your hands all the requested parts, this phase is quite short, as production times are very efficient.

In general the whole process takes very little time, however, it was created so that there are no errors in the manufacture of the parts, and so that they can meet all the requirements of design, quality and functionality that you want to observe.

Post time: Jun-17-2022