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One of customers- Gophyit engines need a large number of customized mechanical components. There are relatively simple components such as brackets, as well as very complex components such as shaft clutches. The clutch of the latest version is composed of 16 different parts, which need different materials, such as Aluminum, stainless steel, POM (Delin), etc.

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Jason Wang used Colead's on-demand manufacturing services to produce some CNC machined parts and sheet metal parts. Jason believes that the advantage of Colead service is that customers can easily find steps to guide quotation within 24 hours and delivery time, which greatly promotes business. The tradition of the industry is that customers often need to find several companies with design schemes. These companies will put your plan aside until a few weeks have passed before saying, "maybe this... Maybe that..." "but working with Colead, we don't have to experience these bad things." Jason added.

Jason also likes the technical description, part design and cost optimization suggestions provided by Colead. His company made full use of these resources to build parts, and did see that these suggestions could have an immediate impact on prices. They absorbed these suggestions and then converted them to the latest version of the shaft clutch design. The speed of the whole process was significantly higher than that before cooperating with Colead. Previously, they could spend the first half of a year in the design stage to form a cost estimate of components, and then they could realize that such a design scheme was too expensive. After cooperating with Colead, they can complete the whole process from design to prototype design in just 3 or 4 weeks - "this is revolutionary".

At present, Gophyit is using CNC processing and vacuum forming processes to manufacture customized parts of products. However, with the increasing popularity of 3D printing technology in customized production, they are also focusing on tracking the development of 3D printing technology for metal materials.

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