Small batch plastic production urethane casting case

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Urethane casting is a great solution for production quality parts without the cost or lead time required for production tooling.

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Recently, Mr. Zhang, a customer who developed intelligent products on water, encountered the problem of developing a new product lifeboat. A part has a transparent window in the middle, so it is difficult to achieve waterproof effect, because it is a terminal product, and the surface is required to be smooth. Underwater products require particularly high sealing performance.

Our customer tried to use glue pads, glue bonding, but structural splicing effect is not ideal, and the appearance cannot meet the requirements. Our engineer, immediately thought of a customer case of integrated charging pile display screen made before, so he recommended our urethane casting solution . After knowing our detailed program flow, our customer promised to try this method.

After receiving this project, we first established a project communication group, and our chief engineer connected to the detailed customer needs, and then arranged 3D file based on the customer's final product effect as the standard to disassemble the product structure, and asked the customer to choose the color samples for color matching, made the master pattern for structural analysis, etc.

After the third day, Our engineer called the customer to come to our factory for the finished products. The customer, Mr. Zhang, was very surprised. He didn't expect us to make samples so quickly. He immediately took his engineers to our factory.
Mr. Zhang was very excited and told our engineer that their engineers felt difficult for this product for more than a month, and did not expect that we could produce the product in three days. As belongs to the development of new products in the early stage, the volume of the test market will not be very large. It happens to adopt small batch urethane casting, which greatly reduces the cost.

As accurately mimic the color, texture, feel and physical properties of injection molded parts , urethane casting is nice for low-volume production runs.

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